Liquefied Petroleum Gas   

(Production Contracts Only)

The document is updated:


  • Commodity:         LPG
  • Ratio:                      Butane 50 %  -  Propane 50 % 
  • Origin:                    Middle East 
  • Quantity:               5 - 10.000 Mt tons Monthly x 12     
  • Delivery terms:  FOB Asalooyeh-Iran
  • Price Platform:   CP Aramco.
  • Discount:              Minus 10 USD PMT. 
  • Payment terms:  LC
  • Delivery Date:    1 week after receiving confirmation of bank instrument

FCO will be issued upon receiving ICPO and BCL.



  • An Irrevocable, assignable, unconditional bank guarantee from prime banks or confirmed equal to the value of 2 (Two) months shipment valid for 365 days plus 1. (Contract guarantee)
  • Telegraphic transfer (TT) prior to discharge at destination port. SEPSEPEHR  International Trading  Company Record No: 6828 Date: 15 / 2015 No: A-T 215 Att:                                                                                                                          

PROCEDURE (Non-Negotiable):

  • Buyer issues ICPO + financial capability
  • Sellers confirms ICPO and issues FCO
  • Buyer counter signs FCO and returns to seller with the copy of RWA 
  • Sellers issues contract
  • Buyer and seller shall review, sign and seal the contract (SPA)
  • Seller issues invoice for the first lift
  • Buyer issues bank instrument (BG) within 10 working days after signing of the contract.
  • Within 5 working days Seller issues PBG equal to 2%.
  • Seller secures the product and fixes the loading times and starts loading
  • Shipping commences as per contract terms
  • Within 10 days after BL date, buyer pays for cargo via TT or wire transfer
  • Ownership documents and title documents are exchanged.                                                                                                                                                                                                  


  • RWA text shall be provided by Buyer.
  • Bank instrument and PBG verbiage must be confirmed by both seller and buyer. 
  • Bank instrument and PBG verbiage are based on latest version of ICC 600.
  • The validity of this document is only for 5 international banking days.                                                                                                                                                                                                 We request you for confirmation of this FCO and all conditions mentioned herein, for us to draft a   Sale Purchase Agreement, we kindly ask for your confirmation accompanied by your Purchase  Order (PO) or (ICPO) for the supply of LPG, as per specifications, based on monthly  volume of 40,000 Mt.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  • Рurchase requisitions sent to:
  • satoil.kz@gmail.com
  • phone: +77052458414
  • Skype: amanzhan-kz


Copyright © 2015. PURCHASE AND SALE OF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS. Company Satoil.

7 комментариев к “Liquefied petroleum Gas. Сжиженный природный газ.

  1. Dovlet:

    Dear Abdullah Alruzaiqi!

    Could you please, send me the your e-mail adress.

    Best Regards.
    Mr. Dovlet
    e-mail: dovlet100980@ gmail.com
    Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

  2. Алексей:

    Предлагаю Нефть, КГС, СПБТ, ДТ, Бензин,Керосин, Печное топливо, Мазут, Битум по РФ и на экспорт.
    Заявки на oil.trust@ mail.ru

  3. Serdar:

    Здравствуйте купим СПБТ -камунальнобытового примирения
    Exporte777 @gmail.com

  4. Андрей Александрович:

    Продаем LPG mix russkit(собачка)russkit.su

    We, LLC «Russky Kit», hereby with full corporate responsibility issue our Full Corporate
    Offer for the supply and delivery of the commodity in the quantity and as per the terms
    and conditions stated here below:
    Commodity: LPG mix
    Origin: Islamic Republic of Iran
    Specifications: To be confirmed and accepted by
    Buyer. See specifications sheet as attached herein.
    Quantity: 88 000 metric tons further on 220 000 metric tons a month, for 12 months, with
    possible extension
    Delivery terms: FOB Assaluyeh port
    Destination port: Buyer’s option
    Price: for “Saudi Aramco” for Propane and Butane as published in Argus International LPG
    under the heading “International Comparisons” minus net discount of 4 USD per metric tons
    Payment terms: of TT and the confirmed guaranty letter from Bank of the buyer of MT103
    after DTA at the origin, for contract Payment Guarantee: MT760 conditional, SBLC, BG.
    Inspection: By internationally recognized inspection agency GEOCHEM or SGS.

  5. Хан:

    пишите сюда rabota1001list.ru

  6. Alexander:

    With this letter, Burj Ibra LLC confirms that has the intention to purchase the following
    1. Crude Oil – minimum order 500 000 BBL
    2. D2 – minimum order 50 000 MT
    3. M100 (mazut) – minimum order 30 000 – 50 000 MT/month
    4. LPG/ GPL – 60-40 – minimum order 10 000MT
    We are looking forward to receive your best prices for CIF Al Hudaidah Port, Yemen
    Looking forward for a fruitful business collaboration.
    Abdullah Alruzaiqi

  7. Руслан:

    Наша компания занимается оптовой реализацией нефтепродуктов. Мы рады предложить Вам —
    мазут Марки М100 со ШНОС и АНПЗ (с Российских НПЗ) внутри РК и на Экспорт.
    Также реализуем поставки Спбт, сера, битум.
    Самые низкие цены даже чем рыночная.
    Способы оплаты :
    1 — Внутри РК(FCA) => 100% предоплата
    2 — на Экспорт
    объемы от 5000 тонн до 30 000 тонн в месяц => SBLC (резервный аккредитив)

    Работаем по FOB, DAP, CIF
    Предварительные цены
    FOB Новороссийск = 240 $ за тонну
    FOB Темрюк = 240 $ за тонну
    DAP Алашанькоу = 210 $ за тонну
    DAP Забайкальск-Маньчжурия = 240 $ за тонну
    CIF Циндао = 270 $ за тонну (оплата BG или SBLC)
    на условиях FCA (АНПЗ) = 125 $ за тонну

    Заявки присылать на почту — toopolluksbk.ru
    телефон : +7-775-391-93-20 , +7-777-764-02-20
    Всех посредников которые найдут покупателей ждет вознаграждения

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