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Mazut M-100

sat tanker Mazut M 100Product: Mazut M100
Specification: In accordance with M100 GOST10585-75
Origin: Russia
Quantity: 50,000 -100,000MT x 12 (Transferable TDLC acceptable) 100,000 — 500,000 +/- Metric Tons per month x 12 (BG or SBLC only) Quantity negotiable
Price: USD $530 gross/USD $520 net per MT CIF ASWP
Payment: Transferable SBLC or Transferable BG or Transferable DLC (as above based on quantity) from top 100 world bank with 13 Months validity, as security. Payment by TT or MT103 Field 23 to Seller’s bank within 5 business days upon receipt of product at destination port.

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  1. Yakov Lee говорит:

    Date: 2014

    1) Commodity Product: D2
    Quantity: 100,000 MT per month at minimum, max: 500.000 per month
    Contract Period: ONE trial spot + 12 months with rolls and extensions
    Price : FOB Russian ports MOPS Minus 5%
    FOB/CIF Rotterdam(Ship-to-Ship Transfer) MOPS Minus 4%
    Payment Term: Commercial Invoice (“CI”) Dip Test & Pay method (“CI-Dip & Pay”)
    Irrevocable Non-Transferable Revolving DLC (INTRDLC)
    Delivery: FOB/CIF Rotterdam(Ship to Ship Transfer),
    FOB Novorossiysk, FOB Vladivostok, FOB Primorsk
    Performance Bond: 2% of first month value

    Proof of Product
    Seller to provide Partial Proof of Product (PPOP) & (“POP”) “Bank to Bank” by
    sending Buyer with the following:
    a. Copy of License / permit to export, issued by the department of the ministry of
    energy (If applicable).
    b. Copy of statement of availability of the product.
    c. Copy of the refinery commitment to produce the product.
    d. Copy of the pipeline corporation contract to transport the product to the loading
    e. Refinery certificate of product.
    f. Copy of the port storage agreement (If applicable).
    g. Copy of the charter party agreement(s) to transport the 
product to discharge
    h. DIP test authorization letter.
    Copy of SGS or equivalent report.

    If the Buyer agrees with a price, procedure of the Seller, only then send ICPO on
    e-mail: yakovlee2009yandex.ru


  2. ALY говорит:

    50 000 T x 8 to port sudan is possoble or not ? Price ? Please



  3. Александр говорит:

    we can supply you the product you are interested in, and vashyh conditions, send a request for product danyj melyanchuk81 @ mail….


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