JET A1 TOPLIVO JET FUEL JP54 / JET A1First /Trial lift /shipment: 1,000,000 bbls – 3,000,000 Bbls
Succeeding Shipment: 5,000,000 Bbls – 10,000,000 Bbls Per Month x 12 months
Platts based: PLATTS minus Gross $8/ Net $6 per bbl, CIF


1. Buyer issue ICPO to Seller with full banking information /details.
2. Seller issues FCO, Buyer sign the FCO and the acceptance of the term and procedures to the Seller’s Company.
3. Seller provides Draft Contract to Buyer to revise and confirm by initial. Buyer and Seller sign contract via electronic mail, which shall be deemed legally binding and enforceable, each lodge contracts with their respective banks. NCNDA & IMFPA will be signed and endorsed for the protection of all intermediaries involved in the transaction.
4. Before contract proceeds to the ministry, the Buyer would be requested necessary documents required to register the contract. The following List of Documents needed:
• Copy of Tax Registration Certificate,

• Copy of Registration Certificate of Legal Entity (Certificate of Incorporation),

• Passport data page copy of the company representative

All documents are to bear a company stamp and a chief executive’s signature.

5. Seller registers and legalizes the hard copy contract with the Ministry of Energy Export Control Department. (Costs/Expenses by Seller).
6. Seller sends Soft/Partial Proof of Product to Buyer open for verification by the Buyer. The Partial POP includes the following documents:
a) Export License Certificate ап

b) Certificate of origin

c) Statement of product availability

d) Refinery commitment to produce / supply the product.

e) Certificate of Conformity

f) Product Passport (DIP Test Result)

g) Tank Storage Receipts (TSR)

h) Company registration certificate

i) Monthly Commercial Invoice

7. Seller proceeds and acquires PAC/Certificate of ownership of the transaction from the Ministry of Energy Export Control Department Russian Federation (Costs/Expenses by Seller)
8. Seller’s bank shall notify the Buyer’s bank that they are willing and ready to issue a non-operative 2% performance bond to Buyer’s bank, the 2% performance bond will be placed in the buyer’s bank account, should the seller fail to supply the cargo of the products this 2% PB will be paid to the buyer and intermediaries accordingly as compensation.
9. Buyer issues the financial Instruments (DLC/MT700) in equivalence of the first month cargo value within 5 (five) banking days after receipt of 2% PB from the seller’s company. This action makes simultaneously and automatically the 2% performance bond from the seller’s bank and the Financial Instrument from the buyer’s bank operative.
10. Seller pay for tariff cost for the transportation calculated by the shipping company, and pays for Custom Clearance Duty Fee calculated by Custom Department.
11. The SGS inspection will be borne by the seller’s Company at the loading port and Buyer at the Unloading port.
12. Seller’s bank swift to buyer’s bank the full Proof of Product (POP) documents.
a) Copy of export license, issued by the ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

b) Copy of approval to export, issued by the ministry of justice.

c) Copy of statement of availability of the product.

d) Copy of the refinery commitment.

e) Copy of Transneft contract to transport the Product to the Port.

f) Copy of the Port Storage agreement/ Insurance.

g) Copy of charter party agreement to transport the product to discharge port.

h) Copy of Customs clearance certificate.

i) Copy of the tank receipt issued by the storage facilitator.

j) Copy of SGS Report.

m) Dip test Authorization (DTA) & ATB

n) Bill of Lading

o) Vessel Questionaire / details

p) NOR / ETA

q) Insurance Policy

r) Title /Allocation Transfer Certificate

s) Transaction Passport

t) Attestation of Allocation certificate endorsed by Ministry of Energy

13. Shipment commences as per contract and the shipment should arrive at Buyer’s discharge port within 30-45 days after the Financial Instrument received by the seller’s bank.
14. Within 35 days after SGS/CIQ inspection at Discharge Port, Buyer releases payment by MT103 / TT wire transfer to Seller’s Bank.
15. Buyer release payment to all intermediaries involved within 24-48 hrs as per signed, agreed and endorsed MFPA.

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  1. Nikolai говорит:

    Здравствуйте вы можете продавай по этой процедуре покупателя
    JET FUEL JP54 / JET A1

    We receive CI, sign and return with our TSAWe then receive full POP and/ or DTAWe pass off of seller SGD, or dip, and swap title for payment


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