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Gas Oil L 0,05-62 GOST 305-82

sat_Knock_Nevis_seaProduct:  Gas Oil L 0,05-62 Russian GOST 305-82
Specification: In accordance with Gas Oil L 0,05-62
Origin: Russian Federation
Quantity: 60 000 MT (sixty thousand metric ton) for the first three months + 120000 MT (one hundred twenty thousand) for the next nine months.
Term: 12 month
Price: The Price shall and will be determined by the average of the three days around the Bill of Lading Date (one before, BL and one day after) as average of averages quotations as reported by » PLATTS EUROPE MARKETSCAN» wire under the heading FOB Med (Italy) for Gasoil 0.1less fixed and firm discount of 15 USD (fifteen)US Dollars) per 1(one) metric ton.
Perform bond: 2 % of the cost of the monthly party of the goods
Inspection: SGS or similar accredited agency on loading at sellers’s expense.

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