Fuel oil CST 280

Fuel oil CST 280

We can offer Oil fuel CST 280 from AUE
1. Product: FO Cst280
2. Min Qua 120,000 Metric Tonnes and 260,000 Metric Tonnes available per month
3. Price: MOPS180 + $27.00 = CIF (include China port).
Fuel Oil Procedure:
1. Agree Procedure
2. Sign contract with full Banking coordinates
3. Seller provides POP
4. Buyer verifies POP
5. Buyer’s Bank issues MT799 blocked funds with agreed verbiage
6. Seller charters vessel in Buyer’s name and Provides details
7. Seller delivers product at buyer discharge port
8. Buyer pays by MT103
If You are satisfied with the price and the procedure, send ICPO or somth like that according to the offer which he excepted on Behalf of AIG and we will issue contract asap.
With best regards,
Linkov Kirill Vladimirivich
Tel./Viber: +77018090309
Skype: lirik030983
E-mail: linkovk@gmail.com

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