D2 L-0.2-62 (GOST 305-82); JP54 (GOST 10227-86) -->

D2 L-0.2-62 (GOST 305-82); JP54 (GOST 10227-86)


1. Mazut M100 (GOST 10585/75)
2. D2 L-0.2-62 (GOST 305-82)
3. JP54 (GOST 10227-86)

Duration of the contract — 12 months, the discount — 8%Terms of delivery — FOB Rotterdam

Minimum volume:
Mazut M-100 — 100,000 M.T. (all amounts in the month)
D2 — 100,000 M.T. (all amounts in the month)
JP54 — 3,000,000 Bbl (all volumes in the month)

Maximum amounts:
Mazut M100 -1,000,000 M.T. (all amounts in the month)
D2 — 2,000,000 M.T. (all amounts in the month)
JP54 — 10,000,000 Bbl (all volumes in the month)

Resource — 100%. The largest holding in the world.


1. Upon receipt of the BUYER’S LOI. The SELLER responds by raising the FCO on a Strictly Confidential basis to the
named signatory. The BUYER responds with an Irrevocable Corporate Purchasing Order with full Banking information,
and permission to SELLER to conduct Soft-Probe or a letter from the Buyer’s Banker stating the Buyers status by way
of the BUYER’S CAPABILITY LETTER. See Appendix ‘2’ and ‘3’ for options.
2. SELLER will issue and sends Draft Contract to the BUYER. Any changes the BUYER may request as long as they
are reasonable, will be considered.
3. BUYER reviews the Draft Contract, signs and return it to SELLER.
4. BUYER and SELLER sign and exchange Final Contract (NCNDA is integrated in contract).
5. BUYER and SELLER with banks agree on the text for the RDLC. SBLC or BG.
6. BUYER’S Bank issues RWA confirming that BUYER is ready, willing and able to issue a Banking Instrument upon
receipt of SELLER’S POP (Proof of Product) documents.
7. SELLER issues POP documents to BUYER on a bank to bank basis.
8. BUYER issues 100% Irrevocable, Banking Instrument of his choice Guaranteed by MT760 to SELLER’S bank.
With Pre-Advice.
9. SELLER’S Bank issues 2% PB to the BUYER’S Bank.

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