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kuplyu dizelnoe toplivo, куплю дизельное топливо

kuplyu dizelnoe toplivo, куплю дизельное топливо

Product: D2 Gas Oil
Product Offering: Contract ( total 48 liftings)
Origin: Venezuela
Quantity: 32.000/49,000 MT/ lifting/4 monthly
Shipping Terms: TTT ARUBA
Price: NWE Platt discount minus USD$ 40.00 gross USD $38 net per
Commission: Payable by the Buyer
Payment: MT103/DLC

1. Seller sends SCO
2. Buyer sends ICPO + Bank Reference Letter with all the bank details
3. Seller sends CI.
4. Buyer signs and returns CI to Seller.
5. Seller issues 2% performance bond Buyer issues the DLC
6. Seller sends DTA to Buyer, tank receipts and Q&Q for verification.
7. Buyer appoints SGS or similar to conduct tests.
8. Buyer has three calendar days to coordinate dip test and verify documents.
9. Seller amends CI if necessary after obtaining dip test results.
10. Seller transfers title.
11. Seller loads the vessel.
12. Seller sends the vessel to Aruba for TTT
13. Buyer instruct bank to transfer full payment for CI within two banking days via MT103
14. We will start the purchasing procedure as soon as we receive Bank Reference Letter.

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