Buy on terms CI Dip&Pay JP54, Diesel D2 -->

Buy on terms CI Dip&Pay JP54, Diesel D2


Dear Sirs,
Our Company has been appointed, as Buyer Mandate, by a good known Buyer of the oil sector, to raise in the international market some petroleum products , at the best market conditions.
At this time the products required are : JP54, 2/3.000.000BBLS Initial Lift and 5/up to 20.000.000 BBLS/monthly,
Diesel D2, 100/200.000MT Initial Lift and 200/500.000mt for 12 months, with deliveries FOB Rotterdam, price New Platt — $ …… per CI Dip&Pay.
The quantities are likely to increase.
The Buyer is agree and available to apply the following procedure:
1. Seller issues SCO to buyer;
2. Buyer issues ICPO to Seller;
3. Seller issues FCO, Commercial Invoice, Draft Contract
4. Commercial Invoice and Draft to be signed and returned by Buyer, confirming readiness to issue the TSR after the POP.
5. Seller send the following documents to the Buyer:
A) Certificate of Origin with Tank Receipt,
B) DTA (Dip Test Authorization, to be made directly in the Seller’s Tank Storage). ) For SGS in Rotterdam pay the Buyer;
C) Copy of SGS or similar report (stating the Q&Q of the product) ,
D) Copy of the Ownership’s certificate ,
E) Authorization to export the product,
F) Copy of the export licence ,
G) Authorization to verify (ATV);
H) Authorization to sell (ATS)
6. If the delivery will be made by ship, the Seller will issue:
A) Ship freight contract;
B) Fresh Refinery Dip Test, indicating Q & Q of product loaded on Ship
C) Ullage Reports on Seal; .
D) ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), indicating the port mooring ship, in order to provide a Tank the most next possible to discharge.
7. After Seller sent Proof of Product documents to Buyer, Buyer conducts Dip Test for quality and quantity by SGS, directly in the Seller’s tank. After successful SGS Report, Buyer issue TSR or shipping documents to inject the product;
8. Less then 24 hours, the buyer realize the payment to seller Bank via MT103/TT wire transfer.
9. The Buyer inject in his own tank the product.
If you are able to provide the above product, please send me asap your SCO/FCO reporting the indicated conditions so We can send you the ICPO directly from the Buyer.
Looking forward to a welcome notice, Best Regards

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