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На постоянной основе продаем SPOT поставки Sidra Crude Oil

On an ongoing basis sell SPOT delivery Sidra Crude Oil

PRODUCT:                  Sidra Crude Oil of standard export grade
ORIGION:                   Libya
SPECIFICATION:      As in Annex A
QUANTITY :                1,500,000 barrel (+/-5%) + R/Extensions
DELIVERY:                  Port FOB: ALSIDRAH Province of IN BARQA with a pipeline                                             to      fill the Tankers
PRICE:                        FOB price Brent + 2  USD per Barrel

Possibility to extent it to a year contract equivalent up to 12mil. bbl.
If your buyer is interested he must have a refinery and respond fast by sending an Email confirming agreement to the abv offer.

Es Sidra Crude Oil specification

Density @ 15˚C g/ml 0.8395 IP 365/D4052
Specific Gravity @ 60˚ F 0.8400 Calculation
API Gravity @ 60˚ F 37.0 Calculation
Characterization Factor 12.1 Calculation
Total Sulphur % wt. 0.39 IP 336/D4294
Mercaptan Sulphur ppm wt. 81 IP 342Mod/D3227Mod
Total Nitrogen % wt. 0.17 IP 379Mod/D4629Mod
Pour Point ˚C (˚F) +9 (48) IP 15/D97
Viscosity @ 70˚F, cSt 11.59 IP 71/D445
Viscosity @ 100˚F, cSt 4.897 IP 71/D445
Vanadium ppm wt. 2 IP 377 Mod
Nickel ppm wt. 7 IP 377 Mod
Sodium ppm wt. 5 IP 377 Mod
Calcium ppm wt. 2 IP 377 Mod
Potassium ppm. Wt. <1 IP 377 Mod
Conradson Carbon % wt. 2.6 IP 13/D189
Asphaltenes % wt. 0.53 IP 143
n-Heptane insolubles % wt. 0.73


Reid Vapour Pressure KPa (psi) 36 (5.2) IP 69/D323
Flash point ˚C (˚F) Below -20(Below -4) IP 170
Hydrogen Sulphide ppm wt. <1 IP PM-BJ
Neutralization Number, mg KOH/g 0.20 IP 177/D664
Bottom, Sediment and Water % vol. <0.05 IP 359/D4007
Ash content % wt. <0.01 IP 4/D482
Salt (as NaCl) mg/liter (lbs/1000 bbls) 20.0 (7.0)


Light Hydrocarbons % wt (% vol.) IP 344
Methane <0.01 (<0.01)
Ethane 0.06 (0.14)
Propane 0.60 (1.01)
Iso-Butane 0.36 (0.54)
n-Butane 1.36 (1.96)
iso pentane 1.20 (1.61)
n-pentane 1.35 (1.80)
cyclo-pentane 0.15

Applications for the supply send the address: info@satoil.kz ,
satoil.kz@gmail.com , satoil@list.ru
phone: +77052458414
Skype: amanzhan-kz

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7 комментариев: Sidra Crude Oil

  1. Serg говорит:

    Good afternoon!

    Thanks you for your answer,through http://satoil.kz/
    We are Japan LTD the direct buyer. We want to buy:
    Commodity Russian Fuel Oil Mazut 100-75, GOST 10585/75/99.
    Specification As per Specifications attached here to.
    Country origin Russia.
    Quantity 50000-500000MT/month.
    Duration For 12 months with roll over and extension.
    Price $/ per MT (Can specify the price), CIF Safety China Main Port!
    It is desirable, that loading was through ports Vladivostok, Finds or
    Payment By Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC)
    PB guarantee 2 % of one month shipment value
    Inspection By SGS at the loading and CIQ at the discharge ports.
    Others Other terms and conditions to be mutually agreed.
    We ask to send to us SCO, for studying!

    P.S. We also buy diesel fuel D2, on the terms of FOB Rotterdam!
    Quantities from 50000 to 500000.I want to remind that we are direct buyers! The form of payment at us is only-DLC!
    We ask to inform your possibilities and to specify the prices.



  2. KR-NeFT` говорит:

    Вторичка на заявленый ЛПДС цена 28.700
    от вас БПЗ или заявку после получаете драфтконтракт со всей процедурои .


  3. Иван говорит:

    Срочно преобрету ДТ от 100 000мт вторичку на ЛПДС Никольское


  4. Иван говорит:

    У нас есть возможность покупать топливо происхождения ИРАН , FOB Rotterdam.

    По годовым контрактам у нас есть возможность купить м100 и керосин.


  5. Иван говорит:

    Можем предложить топливо происхождения ИРАН , FOB Rotterdam.

    По годовым контрактам у нас есть возможность продать м100 и керосин.


  6. Владимир говорит:

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  7. Алексей говорит:

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