Срочно купим серу комовую. -->

Срочно купим серу комовую.

Granules Sulfur Specifications
Pure Sulfur w/w % 99.8 min On dry basis
Hydrocarbon w/w % 0.3 max As carbon
Ash w/w % 0.18 max As carbon
Acidity (as H2SO4) w/w % 0.03 max Depending on weathering
Water Content w/w % 1.00 max
Arsenic ppm 2 max
Selenium and tellurium ppm 3 max
Chloride ppm 10 max
Granules Sulfur free of dust, free of lumps with the following size distribution:
2 – 15 mm 100%

These are the required specifications for any Sulfur deal.

4 – 6 mm 80%
2 – 4 mm 05% max
Angle of Repose – Degrees 33
Density – Kg/m³ 1200
We are Mo\’ab for Fertilizers and Chemicals LLC (MOFCCO) we would like to buy Gas Sulfur (Granules Sulfur) DURATION: this Agreement is signed for one year supplied MT 600,000 of Sulfur on conditions to be agreed by the Parties in written after the first delivery. With the following Specifications and Quantities,
Payment Method:
Bank Guarantee Upon arrival of the goods and their conformity with the specifications agreed, clearing within 72 hours.
CIF Aqaba Port – Jordan (Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan).

Documents to be presented at signing of the agreement:
1. Bill of Lading.
2. Certificate of Quality (SGS) Certified.
3. Certificate of Quantity (papers proving the existence of the goods so we can issue a bank pledge).
4. Original commercial Invoice Three Copy\’s.
5. Certificate of Origin Certified.
6. Reservation loading port in the country.
7. The papers of the ship which will be loading the goods to take the approval of the port anchor
8. Performance bond 2% of total amount of each vessel.

After signing the agreement and complete the necessary procedures we provide a bank pledged to each vessel quantity 50,000 tons per month.

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  1. Alex говорит:

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  2. Alex говорит:

    Please give your imeil and we will send you your Commercial offer.


  3. Alex говорит:

    153$ Aqaba Port


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    Добрый день! Серу из Ирана примите?


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