Sell offer — Mazut M100 GOST 10585 — 99 -->

Sell offer — Mazut M100 GOST 10585 — 99

I wish to start by thanking you for considering me worthy to add to all your fora &
for sending offers on a regular basis. I can see you have the connections & to break
business with you, would be my pleasure.

I am based in Bangalore, India & involved in International Trade for 27 years now, not
necessarily with the same products. I am well travelled, networked many connections &
with a developed penchant for International Trade in commodities — Agricultural, Mineral,
Fuel Oil or other.

Well, I have an offer for you — am connected to the seller as facilitator & there is no mandate
in between. The product is Mazut M100 GOST 10585 — 99 & origin is Kazakhstan

The seller is an allocation holder & his current allocation is for the above mentioned in
quantity — 50,000 mt per month x 12 months or totally 600,000 MT. He wishes to dispose off
the entire allocation & seriously seeks a customer.

The product is special in that it is Grade/ Sort 1 with Sulphur content of < 0.5% & the seller
wishes a price of $610/ MT CIF China port — a target not easy to achieve unless it is sold to
the end buyer.

I hold the product passport with me & seller wishes minimum documentation — ready to
1. avoid LOI/ ICPO, jumping directly to SPA straight
2. transparent working by calling buyer to witness product & loading at refinery/ Vladivostok

Just that we need to ensure the buyer has the funds & can work on the LC quickly to get things
moving. I can use my good office with the seller to effect certain negotiations in price/ procedures
but seek your expertise towards the 'right customer" who can work discrete & quick.

Before I go further, I would like to have your favoured revert as to how we can proceed, your
procedures & commissions. I am certain you have the right client. But I repeat, discretion &
speed are key — we can close the initial transaction very quickly once I have your confirmation

I shall look forward to hearing from you at the soonest

hi Amer

Thank you for a quick response

I know the seller well — he is Indian & in Mumbai. Well established with an International presence. They are a business family, risen from manufacturing cutting tools in India & now have offices in many countries.

In fact, we can sell them Mazut on a regular basis — they have back to back contracts with China buyers but not for the allocation we speak of, on this mail.
I have a 1 — on — 1 with them both, father & son!

Commission on this deal, will be for you & me only — he offered me $1/ MT, which I would gladly split evenly with you. Unless you have another suggestion — pls do share, if so.

Am glad to see that we share our passion for business — money can only follow. Strategic partners it is, working towards repetitive business for mutual gain — I have other mandate connections on the buy & sell side, which we can exploit together.

As you may have noticed, I requested discretion & speed — let me know how we can move forward. This transaction can be handled with your most trusted customer who can come close to the price expectation of the seller.

ID: 160949

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