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Quantity: 100,000 MT per month.

Our company as an official facilitator to our original Seller(Title Holder), has pleasure in offering you the following product and corresponding procedure:
Name of Product: Gasoil D2.
Origin: Russian Federation or Venezuela.
Quantity: 100,000 MT per month (1,200,000 MT per 1 (one) year).
Contract Duration: 12 months with possibility of R & E .
Delivery Terms: FOB Rotterdam or FOB Primorsk (Baltic sea) or FOB Novorossiysk.
Price Basis: Platt’s Rotterdam, European Marketscan. NWE Cargoes, line Gasoil 0.1%.
Discount: upon POF (MT 760), covering 2 (two) months shipments, staying for 1(one) year and
1(one) day, with delivery terms: FOB,- minus 20% (twenty percent) Gross / 17%
(seventeen percent) Net .
Upon POF (MT 760),covering 1 (one) month shipments,staying for 1 (one) year and
1(one) day, with delivery terms: FOB,- minus 10% (ten percent) Gross / 7%
(seven percent) Net.
Payment: MT 760 in the form of POF,covering 2 or 1 month shipments + SWIFT MT103 for each
Performance Bond: 2%
Inspection: SGS
1. The Buyer issues to the Seller LOI with banking details (including bank name).
2. The Seller issues to the Buyer SCO with exact, step-by-step, procedure.
3. The Buyer issues to the Seller ICPO, endorsed by its bank, with full banking details (including bank name, address, account number, bank officer name, phone, e-mail), procedure (taken exactly from SCO)
3. The Seller issues to the Buyer FCO.
4. The Buyer’s bank sends to the Seller’s bank, via informational SWIFT MT799, Bank Account
Statement or BCL or RWA, addressed to the name of AUCF “World of Kindest People”. This
preliminary POF should be deemed just as securing the transaction, have to be valid and confirmed on term
of 1(one) year and 1(one) day. Its face value should be in Euro or USD equal to the 100% of 2 (two) or
1(one) months shipments, based on commodity’s Platt’s Rotterdam price.
5. The Seller issues to the Buyer Draft contract for amendments, then sends bank-to-bank partial POP (tank
receipt etc.), verifiable by phone conversation between authorized verifier and issuer banks banking
6. The Buyer and the Seller sign and wet stamp final Contract and exchange its hard copies by bonded
Moscow office: Russia, 125284 Moscow, Begovaya Str., floor 31, tel: +7 499 5798812
7. The Buyer’s bank sends to the Seller’s bank, via SWIFT MT760, POF (now only to reserve the funds).
Thereafter, the Seller’s bank sends to the Buyer’s bank, via informational SWIFT MT799, full POP
package and issues 2% PB.
8. The Buyer pays to the Seller, via unconditional wire transfer, SWIFT MT103 (for each shipment, against
Bill of Lading and all necessary in such transactions accompanying documents).
Note: BCL or RWA should be addressed to AUCF «World of Kindest People» and include word-by-
word the statement: The Buyer is solvent and ready to release POF on 2 (two) months volume for a
period of 1 (one) year and 1 (one) day in reference to supplied ICPO (with its issue date and ref. number).
Seller’s Bank : JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.

ID: 14479
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