Продаём JP 54 на условиях FOB Rotterdam -->

Продаём JP 54 на условиях FOB Rotterdam

Delivery Terms: F.O.B Rotterdam Port
Origin: Russian Federation
Spot: Two Million Barrels
Quantity: 5,000,000 BBLS +/-5%
Price Basis: .00/bbl Gross/.00/bbl Net
Date of Issue: 1st December, 2015
Expiring Date: 4th December, 2015


1. Buyer issue ICPO to seller.
2. Seller issues Draft Contract and Commercial Invoice for buyer to countersign upon acceptance of the terms and conditions.
3. Seller sends to buyer, Commitment to supply and product availability in storage reservoir, Product Passport and Company registration certificate.
4. Buyer provides their own hired Tank Farm and endorse the tank storage agreement (TSA) with the hired tank facilitator of the respective port tank farm, to enable seller Pump/Inject the product into the tank or buyer provide their TSA with their respective tank operator if any for seller verification and pumping of the product to the rented tank.
5. Seller issue Dip-Test Authorization to buyer.
6. Upon successful dip test, buyer makes payment by MT103 T/T wire transfer for the total product available.
7. Seller pays commission to intermediaries involved in the transaction.

Телефоны: 926 57 47 437
ID: 646717

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