Продаём JP 54 на условиях FOB. CIF Rotterdam -->

Продаём JP 54 на условиях FOB. CIF Rotterdam

Origin : Russian
Immediate Liftable Quantity: 1,000,000BBL
Quantity : 3,000,000 barrels per month
Contract Price: NWE PLATTS minus Net per BBL
Contract term: 12 months with R&E
Delivery Port : FOB Rotterdam
Inspection: SGS or Equivalent at Buyer’s expense
Payment Terms : MT103


1. Seller sends CI
2. Buyer returns the signed CI and provides the Tank logistics (copy of TSA/TSR with barcode)
Seller issues:
А. Commitment Assurance Letter to Supply
В. Passport Product
С. Schedule for delivery
D. DTA – Dip Test Authorization
E. Tank Receipt
F. Indigenous Analysis or SGS Report of the product
3. Upon confirmation of Act of Transfer in Buyer’s name, Seller issues to Buyer Title of ownership certificate to be followed by all export documentation, Buyer conducts Dip Test, Buyer releases payment instruments by MT103 and lifting commences.
Both parties proceed with the signing for 12-Month Contract upon completion of the first trial order

Телефоны: 926 57 47 437
ID: 563805

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