Продаем нефтепродукты,нефть -->

Продаем нефтепродукты,нефть

Energy: Direct from Refineries, Allocation/Title holders or their official representatives.
Mazut M100-75 to 99 FOB/CIF Russian Port/ASWP
JP54 FOB Russia & CIF ASWP
D2 FOB Russian, Rotterdam/Antwerp & CIF ASWP
BLCO FOB Ghana Port; CIF following initial lift
ULSD FOB Houston, Louisiana, NARCO, or Everglades
EN590, EN589, CST180, REBCO/ESPO, Crude Oil and other refined products.
Platts pricing dependent upon product and destination
Buyers willing to come up with LOI/ICPO + CP will get the due consideration and priority once DD on them comes out satisfactory.

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