Продаем нефть на условиях ФОБ иранский порт. -->

Продаем нефть на условиях ФОБ иранский порт.

Предлагаем нефть(Light and/or Heavy Crude Oil) иранского происхождения на условиях ФОБ иранский порт.ГОДОВОЙ КОНТРАКТ. Цена от 40 долларов за баррель(окончательно определится на день заключения контракта.
DESTINATION PORT : Main Asian Port and other destination as per Buyer’s monthly shipping
FOB PRICE: OSP Platt Price minus USD ?? per Barrel
PAYMENT TERMS: For new buyers and the first cargo it is %5 in advance (against BG) and the rest on BL (against BG). (Negotiable)

Hereinafter the Buyer and the Seller are individually referred to as “PARTY” and collectively as “PARTIES”.

23.2.1 Payment to be effected in manners, as described below:
1. Buyer will issue BG or SBLC for 110% of amount of one Shipment Value (One VLCC, Apx. 2.1 million Barrels) or Buyer will issue a revolving DLC. (For second cargo)
2. Upon which Seller issues POP.
3. Shipment of commodity commences within 10 Days after receipt of BG.
4. Full set of Shipping Documents shall be submitted to Buyer through Seller as per agreement,
5. Within ?? days all amount of first Shipment must be paid. (Payment can be effected by TT or any other suitable method). If longer than 10 days needed for commencing payment, proportionately larger BG as guarantee must be issued.

Note 1: Since issuance of Bank Guarantee (BG), POP are for the sole purpose of building trust among parties, once issued, however followed by MT103 or TT, can remain valid for subsequent shipments for total duration of this SPA (One year).

Note 2: The Seller and Buyer each shall be responsible individually for their banking charges relating to this Contract Agreement.

Note 3: The payment procedure is stated in Bank Guarantee (BG) as indicated in Appendix “D”.

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