Предлагаются нефтепродукты на экспорт -->

Предлагаются нефтепродукты на экспорт

We as an official registered Representatives/Mandate Company, stands on behalf of our Refinery/Seller Company; We offer oil products from the leading companies in the production of petroleum products, such as OAO NK «Rosneft», OAO «LUKOIL», OAO «Gazprom Neft», OAO NNK «Chechenneft», OJSC «Bashneft» producing the highest quality oil, gasoline, polymers, diesel fuel, bitumen, petrochemicals, etc., which guarantees high quality of our oil with full Corporate & Legal Responsibility, under the penalty of Perjury confirms and certify that our Seller have the availability and capability to Sale & supply the below mentioned commodities in-according to the terms and conditions stipulated on the commercial Procedure.

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