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покупаем дизельное топливо

The procedure for closing the deal is always very simple: We recieve an official offer from producer, or you tell us who the producer is and a person to whom we will be speaking with. After that we check the Seller and send them LOI (Letter of Interest) where we state what kind of product we are interested in and under which condition. Buyer and Seller would also need to meet to negotiate the terms and to close the deal. — but this step after we conclude that the Seller is authentic, but also that Seller concludes the Buyer is authentic.

What we talked on the phone is which port do we want as destination port. The answer is that normally the Seller will make an offer on based CIF or FOB terms, normally in one of the known ports in Black Sea for Russian origin products. But also it can be any know international port as Rotterdam, etc.

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