I am official mandate of seller and below is full offer and i have JP54 2,000,000BBL X 12 months and price is gross and net CIF and procedure is the same.

Product :MAZUT M-100 (GOST 10585-75

Quantity :80,000 MT for the first trial shipment and 200,000MT/ Month for 11 next months

The price shall be US0/MT gross US0/MT net CIF Any Chinese port

The first delivery shall be lifted from the port within 5 to 10 Banking days (five to ten Banking days) from the date of the buyer’s Payment Instrument (DLC) confirmed at seller’s bank. The First loading will start within 5 to 10 banking
days after signed contract and Payment Instrument received by the Seller bank.

1) Buyer issues ICPO. The ICPO must contain buyer’s bank coordinate and permission for a soft probe on buyer’s bank by Seller.

2) Seller issues draft (Contract) of SPA to buyer for review and to make necessary amendments if necessary. When the contract is accepted by parties, buyer and seller will sign and seal the final contract. The electronic signatures shall be deemed valid and enforceable. Title transfer fee will be paid by seller

3) Commercial invoice for the lift able goods, draft contract 12 months to buyer. The Seller signs the NCNDA+IMFPA and forward to Buyer for signing and returns back to Seller.

4) Seller registers and legalizes the signed contract with the Russian Ministry of Justice and send registered copies to buyer, the registered copies shall be considered as the Original, Hard copies are final contract.

5) Seller and Buyer finalize shipping schedule with the appointed shipping company to transport the product to the destination port.

6) Seller’s sends the registered copies of the contract and first shipment invoice alongside with Partial POP documents to buyer.

a) Approval to Export Certificate b) Export License Certificate c) Statement of Availability of Products. d) Commitment to supply the Product. e) Certificate of Origin and FULL POP according to buyers procedure..

7) Buyer’s bank will issue the Pre-advice Financial Instrument (Irrevocable, non-transferable DLC) to Seller’s bank, Seller’s bank will respond by issuing 2% PB and Full Proof of Product (POP) to buyer’s bank as following documents below:
§ Copy of license to export, issued by the department of the ministry o f Energy.
§ Copy of approval to export, issued by the department of the ministry o f Justice.
§ Copy of statement of availability of the product.
§ Copy of the refinery commitment to supply the product.
§ Copy of the port storage agreement.
§ Copy of the charter party agreement.
§ Product Passport (Analysis Report)
§ Copy of SGS Report or Similar conducted at the Loading port.
§ Bill of Lading
§ Vessel Q88
8) Upon confirmation of the full POP document, Buyer’s Bank will issue Operative Payment Instrument to Seller’s Bank within Five (5) banking days after receipt and confirmation of the POP at the Buyer’s Bank.

9) Shipping of the product will commence as agreed by buyer and seller within seven (7) to fifteen (15) days from the date of seller receipt of the acceptance operative payment instrument.

10) The SGS inspection charges will be borne by the Seller at the loading port and inspection charges will be borne by the buyer at the discharge port.

11) 100% payment by Wire-transfer or MT 103 + format invoice swift bank to bank settlement within Five (5) banking days after inspection CIQ issue inspection certificate at discharge port. Once payment is confirmed by the Seller’s bank and the products will be released to buyer’s company. Once Seller confirms the payment, Seller releases the commission as per NCNDA/IMFPA

11) Same Irrevocable, non-transferable DLC shall continue to use as rolling collateral for the next shipment.


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