Нефть, Дт, мазут, бензин на экспорт и по России -->

Нефть, Дт, мазут, бензин на экспорт и по России

Поставляем на экспорт и по России:
— российскую экспортную трубную нефть ГОСТ Р 51858-2002/GOST R 3900 (партии от 20 000 МТ, наличие договора на переработку или на хранение обязательно),
— ДТ летнее и зимнее (партии от 2 000 МТ),
— мазут М 100 II-VI видов (партии от 2 000 МТ),
— бензины всех марок(партии от 2 000 МТ) .
Предоставление всех документов и расчетов после официального Заказа от покупателя. Условия оплаты — предоплата после оформления банковского паспорта сделки, на поставку нефти возможен аккредитив.
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  1. юрий говорит:

    We are a serious buyer and willing to buy large quantities of petroleum products. China’s companies can not change the procedures established by the state. See below for the procedure.
    , WEPEC GROUP buys : Tell your Gmail , Μy Gmail tsernidis@gmail.com

    Mazut / GOST—10585-75/99/ 100000 — 1000000 mt, CIF. 440 -420 $$ 10/10 $$ . JET FUEL P54&AI 1000000 bar. CIF 85 -80 $$ 2,5 / 2,5 $$ GASOIL0,2-62 /GOST 305-82 100000 — 1000000 mt CIF , 650 -630 $$ 10/10 $$ . Light crude oil in any quantity . Payment CIF port of China.The contract for 12 months . Spot Transaction in any quantity are welcome.

    Thank you very much and waiting for your good news soon. We will issue LOI tu you soon .. dr . Yuri .

    We are pleased to explain Chinese business model and our purchasing procedures as follow:

    1. Seller’s SCO is a QUOTATION for buyer’s reference only.
    2. Upon receipt of our LOI, the seller to be issue FCO to confirm our order. Meanwhile seller or their refinery shall provide past performance to verity their exporting capability.
    3. We will sign back seller’s FCO, then seller send Draft Contract to us..
    4. We and our refinery will study or amend Draft Contract and send back to confirm this order.
    5. Seller issues signed SPA in name of our refinery, our refinery issues ICPO and sign SPA to Seller.
    6. Seller provides POP with 2% of Pre-Advise PB to our refinery’s bank.
    7. Our refinery’s bank will be automatically issuing LC to seller and activates seller’s Pre-Advise PB.

    2013.10.04. at Beijing.
    We are the Chinese refinery purchasing representative not mandate, we have more than 50 refineries spread at all of China area, they need import various of petroleum products in large quantity every year, and would be via our applying Import license or managing finance. If you could accept our business model and would like to make real business with China, please don’t hesitate to contract with us in any time.

    With kind regards,
    Isao Chen Dear Sirs !
    We are pleased to inform you that we would like to purchase this order to you, please kind issue your FCO + Past Performans and Draft Contract by return, then the buyer could issue their ICPO and sign back FCO, Draft Contract to you within 7 working days. The validity of your FCO sould be 7 working days.


    Tell your Gmail , Μy Gmail tsernidis@gmail.com


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