Fuel Oil – M100 (Mazut) Origin:Russian -->

Fuel Oil – M100 (Mazut) Origin:Russian

Our company, ___________________, with full corporate responsibility and authority hereby confirm that we are ready willing and able buy the following products in terms and conditions stated below:

Name of Product: Fuel Oil – M100 (Mazut)
Origin: Russian Federation.
Quantity: 100 000 MT per month (1,200,000 MT per year).
Contract Duration: 12 months with possibility of Rollover and
Extensions for the next years.
Delivery Terms: FCA or FOB port Primorsk (Baltic Sea)
For Product:
Price Basis: Platts European Marketscan.
NWE Cargoes, line Gasoil 0.1%.
Payment: SWIFT MT103 according to contract terms

Inspection: SGS for Quantity and Quality

Payment Condition:
If bank account statement (BAS), covering:
— 2 (two) months shipments, staying for 1(one) year and 1(one) day, the Discount is minus 20% (twenty percent) Gross/18% (eighteen percent)
Nett off the above Fixture at 3 (three) days around B/L date.

Transactional Procedure:
1. Seller issues to the Buyer SCO with exact procedure.
2. The Buyer confines to the Seller SCO and issues ICPO, including Buyer’s details and Buyer’s issues to the Buyer FCO.
3. The Seller issues to the Buyer FCO.
4. Buyer’s bank issue and sends to the AUCF «World of Kindest People»
RWA or BCL by SWIFT 199 . This BCL or RWA should confirm availability or the funds on 2 (two) months shipments.
5. Seller gives to Buyer electronic copy of the POP (Proof of Product), verifiable in POP issuer by phone connection between authorized bank officer of verifier bank and authorized person of issuer.
6. Buyer send, via SWIFT MT 760, POF to the bank, specified by the Seller and after reception of POF Seller send POP to the Buyer’s bank via SWIFT MT760.
7. Buyer, against the Bill of Lading of each shipment (and all necessary accompanying documents, necessary in such sort transactions), pays via SWIFT MT100 / MT103 unconditional wire transfer to the Seller.

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