LPG from Iran -->

LPG from Iran

Origin — Iran
Quality : Propane: Please Advice ±5% @ Buyer’s option
Butane: Please Advice ±5% @ Buyer’s option
Delivery term:FOB Imam Khomini Port, Iran / FOB Assaluyeh Port, Iran
Unit Price Formula: In FOB based on Saudi Aramco poted contract price (CP).
Price Formula = CP — a
a= USD -$ (After nominate Q88)

1. Buyer issues an ICPO (Full banking details)
2. Upon received buyer ICPO, seller issues FCO to the buyer.
3. Buyer sign and returns FCO to the seller.
4. Buyer and Seller shall discuss and negotiate final terms
and conditions of the Sales Purchase Agreement.
5. Buyer and Seller shall review, sign and seal Contract (SPA).
6. Buyer nominate vessel Q88 in 7 business days to the seller.
Seller issue PI (PROFORMA INVOICE) for the buyer to proceed
banking instrument. shall issue one of the two options for
payment terms.
7. Seller fix the laycan time. The laycan time depend of the vessel
availability to arrived the loading port.
Only legal representatives buyer and direct buyers.

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