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Full detail as requested.


Ian Thomas FInstIB

We need to know the complete formula in order to determine whether or not the price being offered is high or low.


1MT = 49257899.069014 mmbtu, so please divide the MT price of LNG by 49257899.069014

to get the price of LNG in mmbtu.

Eg if the price of LNG is $400 then 400 divide by 49257899.069014 = $0.00000812052498299958122093812611898400628139

This allows us to know what ratio they are using. They vary, some are 30%, 50% and so forth. One price may look good or look bad but this ratio helps you to know for sure.

We are interested in offering our investment and financing into the oil and gas industry, with our priority being natural gas to LNG. We have a great need to large supplies of LNG. We are not a broker, not a mandate, not a representative, but direct buyers and have great need for large amounts of LNG on long term contract.

First order, we need up to 200,000 MT per month on a long-term contract. If they can supply more we can order more, thus we can elevate our ordering to being 2 million MT monthly, and again elevation thereafter, if they can supply this much, otherwise we can keep this order at 200,000 MT per month long-term with them. First order destination India, some of the other destinations to follow are S. Korea, China, Japan, South and Central America.

Orders Long Term.

LNG first ordering contract needs to be:

• First Order Need 200,000 MT per Month

• Detailed price formula being used based on location

• Less $9.00 Range per Mmbtu CIF India Port.

• Proof of product being supplied

• Proof of Export Permit

• Port of Shipment of LNG

• Agreement to process

Only needed if supplying both the raw natural gas product and processing to LNG:

• Should include information on Gas field and location where LNG is being sourced and reserves.

• Price details for natural gas and cost of processing separately.

If providing Shipping:

• Need 200,000 MT per Month at least with CIF India port.

• Port of Shipment of LNG

• Shipping arrangements. Ship size, name (if available) and expected shipping date for first shipment.

• We would like delivery as soon as possible.

• Proof of Export Permit


• Our Banking Procedures are very straight forward.

• Upon acceptance and approval we then place order and issues a Letter of Credit to the LNG Supplier and reconfirms delivery date, name of ship, etc.

• Upon receipt LNG inspected. If everything is ok as per terms specified in Letter of Credit, we sign off. Documents are send to bank for payment and usually paid within two business days of receipt of LNG at destination, if shipping, otherwise if not providing also the shipping, but only the processing, payment is payable upon acceptance and taking procession.

We do not know what services you offer at this time. We understand you offer LNG Processing but we are not sure of this at this time as well. We do not know your standard operating procedures and are providing what we believe would be acceptable by both parties, of course we are standing-by to receive your procedures and looking forward to an agreeable terms by both parties.

We look forward to your urgent reply, providing the needed information so that we can move forward as quickly as possible.
Waiting for a quick reply
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