Light petroleum from Iran, CIF -150 000 mt, DLC -->

Light petroleum from Iran, CIF -150 000 mt, DLC

Good afternoon, Sir!

We offer light petroleum from Iran, I have direct contact.
Delivery — CIF, port.
Price: Platts of the Persian Gulf to 5$/barrel depending on the delivery region.
Volume: 100 000 — 150 000 tons
Payment: DLC
Direct contract with the producer. Signing in the Ministry of oil of Iran.
From the buyer the demand (on whom the demand I will report on demand) and confirmation of money. In reply the buyer receives the passport/specification and the draft agreement on consideration.
On check of the buyer 1-3 days.
If everything normally the contract is signed in eletronny option or at once in «live».
The buyer receives an official proposal from the Ministry of oil of Iran with coordination of a place and time of personal meeting.
Whether it is necessary to learn the buyer with Iran (though embargoes with some countries of EU are taken off, see the link is ready to work -
But we ask to consider that the goods aren’t shipped to USA and some countries of EU.

Also we can offer bitumen of any brands, sulfur.

Detailed information on inquiry.

Yours faithfully, Yury Shpinkov
+7-912-7900665; +7-950-7476398

Телефоны: +7-912-7900665
ID: 42287
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