Керосин JP54 экспорт CIF -->

Керосин JP54 экспорт CIF

Kerosene Jet Fuel Colonial Grade JP54
TOTAL QUANTITY: 500,000 – 5,000,000 BBL/MONTH
PRICE: CIF Rotterdam Platts with discount — 8,00 / 6,00 USD/bbl


1. Buyer sends ICPO to seller — TOROS INVESTISSEMENT SA. Company Profile and Business License to date.
2. Seller confirms ICPO and issue FCO to the buyer for signature and return
3. Seller confirms signed FCO and issues draft contract to buyers directly which open for amendments
4. Buyer return countersigned contract to seller company with a letter of acknowledgement and Scanned copies of the buyer’s company registration and passport copy of buyer
5. Seller register/legalized contract with the appropriate ministry on seller expense and send scan copy:
a. Registered hard copy contract via email to buyer along with the below listed PPOP document
b. Statement of product availability
c. Tank receipt
d. Commitment to supply
e. Certificate of origin
f. Company registration certificate
6. Buyer acquires the “POP documents & certification of ownership” for to reassign and to identify the Buyer company as the beneficiary owner of the product allocation
7. Seller bank post non-operative 2% PB & full pop documents listed below to buyer, bank to bank:
a. copy of license to export, issued by the department of the ministry of energy
b. copy of approval to export, issued by the department of the ministry of justice
c. copy of statement of availability of the product
d. copy of the refinery commitment to produce the product
e. copy of the ojsc ak transnet contract to transport the product to the port
f. copy of the port storage agreement
g. copy of the charter party agreement(s) to transport the product to discharge port
h. dip test authorization, tank receipt and SGS report, along with shipping documents from the Shipping company
8. Upon confirmation of the 2% PB & full (POP) by buyer’s bank, buyer’s bank issue DLC to seller’s bank:
a. For monthly
b. Shipment to proof buyer’s capability
9. Delivery commences as per contract and the shipment
10.Within 5 working days of vessel arrival, buyer makes the full payment of the product by DLC
for one Month shipment after CIQ SGS at the destination port

Телефоны: +7-951-381-47-63; +7-923-240-40-30
ID: 296460
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