Fuel Oil/MAZUT 100 GOST 10585/75 -->

Fuel Oil/MAZUT 100 GOST 10585/75

Single shipment: 50, 000 MT
TERM: 12 months
DELIVERY CIF Port ____________________
PRICE: “Platt’s European Marketscan” less discount $ 45USD per MT on the condition C.I.F. ASWP
PERFORMANCE BOND 2 % of the cost of the monthly party of the goods
PAYMENT The buyer provides direct payment for each lot of the goods delivered by the Seller
Banking procedure 1. After signing of the contract within 24 hours Buyer have to present Statement of account of available funds confirming Buyer’s pay ability not less then 200% from one month party supply.
2. Buyer’s Bank in written informs Seller about blocking funds in Buyer’s favor.
3. Seller, within 10 (ten) working days after receipt and verification of the Buyer’s pay ability will provide to the Buyer the «Proof of Product» and issue a 2% Performance Bond of the cost of one month party supply.
4. Seller will perform delivery of the first lot of the Goods within 45 days from the date of receipt and verification of Buyer’s pay ability in the port nominated by the Buyer.
5. Payment for the each tanker party of the goods have to be made by the Buyer by direct transfer of the funds (T/T) on the account indicated by Seller within 7 (seven) banking days after receiving of the full set of shipping documents for each delivered party.
6. Blocked funds on the Buyer’s account is a mortgage instrument and serves as a guaranty of direct payment (T/T) for the delivered goods and can be accessible to the Seller only in case of default by the Buyer to pay for the goods (T/T) within 7 (seven) days.
Company details: «__________________________________»
Reg. No:
Our BANK DETAILS: Bank Name:
Bank Address:
Bank Tel / Fax:
Account No.:
Account Name:

The given document provides the legal basis for the Seller’s transfer of these terms and parameters for preparing of the draft contract and shall become an integral part of the future contract

Work procedure: 1.Buyer issue ICPO; 2. Seller issue FCO; 3. Buyer signs FCO and returns to Seller with a color copy of passport of the signatory of the contract and a copy of the registration of the company 4. Seller provides Draft Contract; 5. Signing of the Contract. 6. Execution of the contract.

ATTENTION !!! To get started we expect the following documents:

2) A color copy of signer passport
3) A color copy of company registration

Best regards,

DATE:February 21, 2013
Signature & Seal

Fuel Oil /MAZUT 100GOST 10585/75 Quality Specification

1 Ash content, not more than % 0.14
2 Mass fraction of Sulphur, not more than %
-low – sulphur – residue – oil ≤0.5
3 Temperature of the flash, not less than degree’s C
in the closed crucible >65
In the open crucible >110
4 The temperature of solidification, not higher than degree’s C 25
5 Kinematics viscosity 118 max
6 Water Content 0.5%
7 Mechanical Impurities Lower than 0.1%
8 Acidity Lower than 0.5 KOH/100ml
9 Alkalinity Nil
10 Gross Calorific Value Kcal/kg / Kj/kg Min 9700 / 41300
11 Density at 15.0 deg C Kg/l 0.8900 – 0.9200
12 Hydrogen Sulfide Content (H2S) pom 0.5 max
13 Carbon Residue Lower than 7%
14 Vanadium (V) ppm 23
15 Aluminum (Al) ppm 5
16 Silicon (Sl) ppm 12
17 Nickel (Ni) ppm 29
18 Asphaltenes 3.6%
19 Distillation @ 4mm Hg
Extracted to 760 mm Hg
Initial boiling point deg. C 216
5% recovered deg C 259
10% recovered deg C 310
20% recovered deg C 358
30% recovered deg C 445
40% recovered deg C 502
50% recovered deg C 534
60% recovered deg C 538
75% recovered deg C 545
80% recovered deg C —
90% recovered deg C —
Final Boiling point deg C 550
Percent recovered vol 78%
Residue vol 22%
Total Nitrogen m/m 0.192%
20 Sodium (Na) ppm 15

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