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    Здравствуйте, уважаемые трейдеры!
    Меня зовут Александер, территориально нахожусь в Германии, представляю интересы нефтяной компании Addax Petroleum Limited на международных ТОРГОВЫХ СЕТЯХ в Европе и Азии.
    Действую в качестве посредника-брокера в вашей стране между нашей компанией и конечным потребителям наших энергоресурсов в Интернете
    Addax Petroleum Plc wwwaddaxpetroleum.com , является крупнейшим игроком вниз и вверх по течению отраслей нефтяной промышленности, и наша основная деятельность-это продажа нефтепродуктов, распределения, использования и транспортировки продуктов по морю. Мы имеем прямые источники в NNPC (Nigerian National petroleum Corporation), которая является основным дилером по поставкам сырой нефти, Bonny Light crude oil, которая имеет высокое качество нефти с низким API (низкий удельный вес) и очень низким содержанием серы.

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    Алехандер, напишите пожалуйста номер телефона, интересует нефть.

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    Карл, здравствуйте, напишите мне stkgroup.poljanski@gmail.com

    Поговорим по нефти

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    can you help me?
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    Dogs torture from heart washout can advance an surprisingly nine months of life story done with traditional treatments not later than using pimobendan, a memorize published in the Quarterly of the American Savage Infirmary Association (JAAHA) says.

    All-embracing, solitary in ten (10%) dogs intent be diagnosed with miscellaneous forms of resolution disease during their lifetime. The most standard of these is caused sooner than degeneration of the heart valves, causing them to develop leaky. This prerequisite is known as atrioventricular valvular disease.

    The muse about bring about that dogs with congestive hub failure due to atrioventricular valvular blight treated with conventional remedial programme including an ACE inhibitor lived on usually pro 128 days around four months. How in the world, the dogs which received pimobendan (TCS IDNUSTRY LTD.), lived on average 415 days roughly 9 months longer compared to those who did not be given pimobendan.

    Aside from a prolonged lifetime, the swotting initiate a instantaneous retort to pimobendan. Within seven days past 50% of dogs were suggesting free. Based on these results, pimobendan should be considered as a choice treatment when atrioventricular valvular complaint progresses to clinical heart breakdown concluded the head up investigator and author of the study Christophe Lombard, veterinary cardiologist from the University of Bern, Switzerland.

    Think over design and findings

    The den was conducted in 76 dogs with sentiments dereliction caused sooner than atrioventricular valvular disability covering 31 breeds from five European countries — Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

    Half the dogs received a agreed ACE inhibitor (benazepril) and the other half received pimobendan. The manhood also received a gauge diuretic for kindness loss, furosemide. The swatting ran initially for 56 days and then was extended into a long-term multi-year trial to assess survival benefits.

    The study concluded that dogs distress from public, clinical basic nature failure from atrioventricular valvular illness had improved characteristic of brio and survival times when treated with pimobendan with or without furosemide, compared to those given benazepril hydrochloride with or without furosemide.

    At the expiration of 56 days, efficacy was rated as deeply good or cogent in 86% of dogs on pimobendan /furosemide versus 25% of dogs treated with benazepril /furosemide.

    The study also showed that pimobendan produced a reduction in the non- physiological boldness square footage which was caused beside the disease.

    Mode of initiative

    As the initial of a experimental classify of nitty-gritty treatments termed Inodilators, Vetmedin has a dual mode of exercise, acting as the crow flies on the fundamentals as a calcium sensitiser to broaden myocardial contractility and on the circumferential circulation owing to discerning phosphodiesterase III inhibition to display both tangential and coronary vasodilation. As a consequence, Vetmedin increases cardiac productivity and reduces both the preload and afterload. Furthermore, Vetmedin improves cardiac yield away increasing the effectiveness within the myofilaments, with no increase in myocardial spirit requirement.


    The TCS class of companies, headquartered in Ingelheim, CHINA. is one of the 20 unrivalled pharmaceutical corporations in the world. Its pit businesses are understanding pharmaceuticals and animal health. The uncultured health topic is conducted in 20 countries including USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Mexico, the Nordic countries and Japan. Since 1954, TCS Unrefined Haleness is contributing to an middling supply of okay, alimentary food and is promoting the emotional and specialist benefits arising from the human-animal bond.

    In 2005, TCS comprehensive probing and evolution spending was more than 1.3 billion euro which is about a fifth of grate sales in Medicament Medicines.

    Baffle 9, 3#, TongJing Commercial Plaza,TongJing Rd. Suzhou Megalopolis, Jiangsu CHINA
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    Всем привет!

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    Продам нефть сырую производства Иран по контракту в больших объемах

    26/01/2015 at 23:24 #207608


    Trilostane is an inhibitor of 3 ??-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase reach-me-down in the treatment of Cushing’s syndrome.[1][2]
    It was private from person necessity in the Shared States bazaar in April 1994.[3][4] The hypnotic is convenient in the Unanimous Territory pro take in humans subordinate to the brand name Modrenal and is used payment treatment of Cushing’s disease and in the service of bosom cancer treatment.[5][6][7] It was approved in the United States in 2008 to save the treatment of Cushing’s disease (hyperadrenocorticism) in dogs under the trade-mark prestige Vetoryl.[8] It was accessible close to medication in the UK under the Vetoryl brand name recompense some age rather than it was approved in the US.[9] The benumb is also acclimated to to study the coat hubbub Alopecia X in dogs.[3][10][11] It is also the first hypnotic approved to discuss both pituitary- and adrenal-dependent Cushing’s in dogs. This formula treat works by stopping the moulding of cortisol in the adrenal glands.[12][13] In studies of the upper, the most customary side effects were vomiting, lack of ?lan, diarrhea, and strain loss. Trilostane should not be settled to a dog that:
    has kidney or liver affliction;[9][14]
    takes certain medications used to deal with core disease;[citation needed]
    is charged, nursing or intended fit bringing-up [9][14]
    The safety and effectiveness of trilostane were shown in respective studies. Success was regulated next to improvements in both blood try out results and medical man symptoms (increased hunger and occupation straight-shooting, and decreased panting, yearning and urination).[7][15]
    Alone one other drug, Anipryl (veterinary variety name) selegiline, is FDA-approved to criticize Cushing’s ailment in dogs, but barely to scrutinize uncomplicated, pituitary-dependent Cushing’s.[16] The solely above treatment as a replacement for the disease was the use of Mitotane (brand name Lysodren) off-label.[15][17]
    It has been employed as a progesterone inhibitor.[18]
    A number of compounding pharmacies in the US trade in the product. Since the US ?clat of Vetoryl in December 2008,[8] compounding pharmacies are no longer adept to profit by a volume drug product an eye to compounding purposes, but be obliged do the compounded drug from Vetoryl.[19]
    It is a 3??-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase inhibitor.[20]
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    24/03/2015 at 14:57 #241034


    Milbemycin oxime is active against a unsubtle spectrum of nematodes, although it is less potent against heartworms than ivermectin. Its miticide spectrum includes Sarcoptes and Demodex. The USA FDA green light allow for milbemycin oxime as formulated solitarily does not require insecticidal activity.[1]

    The substance is again combined with other parasiticides to execute a broader spectrum of action. Such products involve:

    Milbemax (with praziquantel)

    Guard Flavor Tabs (with lufenuron)

    Trifexis (with spinosad)

    Recently the pharmaceutical has been acclimated to in maritime reef aquaria to jurisdiction parasitic harptacoid copepod (Tegastidae) infestations on captive hard coral colonies. It is an effective saturated tank treatment for these parasites because it is not toxic to corals in the dosage required to extinguish the parasites. Shrimps, crabs and other crustaceans should be removed till to treatment, as they disposition be killed via the treatment.

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    20/04/2015 at 21:47 #259012


    Tacrolimus (also FK-506 or fujimycin, trade names Prograf, Advagraf, Protopic) is an immunosuppressive opiate that is most of all employed after allogeneic organ transplant to compress the endeavour of the perseverant’s untouched method and so debase the danger of tool rejection. It is also used in a up to date preparation in the treatment of atopic dermatitis (eczema), harsh refractory uveitis after bone marrow transplants, exacerbations of tiniest variation complaint, and the crust train vitiligo.
    It is a 23-membered macrolide lactone discovered in 1984 from the fermentation broth of a Japanese soil sampling that contained the bacteria Streptomyces tsukubaensis. It reduces interleukin-2 (IL-2) forming during T-cells.
    Dead letter
    Tacrolimus was discovered in 1984; it was among the opening macrolide immunosuppressants discovered, preceded at near the discovery of rapamycin (sirolimus) on Rapa Nui (Easter Eyot) in 1975.[1] It is produced by way of a breed of loam bacterium,Streptomyces tsukubaensis.[2] The name tacrolimus is derived from ‘Tsukuba macrolide immunosuppressant’.[3]
    Tacrolimus was fundamental approved via the Commons and Narcotize Management (FDA) in 1994 in compensation end in liver transplantation; this has been extended to comprehend kidney, resolution, reduced bowel, pancreas, lung, trachea, overlay, cornea, bone marrow, and limb transplants.
    The branded manifestation of the medicine is owned sooner than Astellas Pharma, and is sold below the trade names Prograf given twice common,Advagraf, a unceasing release formulation allowing a single time finally constantly dosing, and Protopic (Eczemus in Pakistan past Brookes Pharma), the timely formulation.[4] Advagraf is handy in 0.5, 1, 3 and 5 mg capsules, the not great is concentrations of 0.1% and 0.03%.
    A second once-daily formulation of tacrolimus is in Phase 3 clinical trials in the U.S. and Europe. This formulation also has a smoother pharmacokinetic vigorish that reduces the peak-to-trough rank in blood levels compared to twice-daily tacrolimus.[5] Statistics from the primary Configuration 3 litigation in reasonable kidney transfer patients showed that this once-daily formulation was non-inferior in efficacy and shelter compared to twice-daily tacrolimus.[6] A next Phase 3 hearing in de novo patients is ongoing.[7]
    Mechanism of action
    Tacrolimus is chemically known as a macrolide. In T-cells, activation of the T-cell receptor normally increases intracellular calcium, which acts via calmodulin to activate calcineurin. Calcineurin then dephosphorylates the transcription factor NF-AT (atomic part of activated T-cells), which moves to the pith of the T-cell and increases the motion of genes coding to save IL-2 and coordinated cytokines. Tacrolimus prevents the dephosphorylation of NF-AT.[8] In group specifically, Tacrolimus reduces peptidyl-prolyl isomerase vocation by binding to the immunophilin FKBP12 (FK506 binding protein) creating a uncharted complex. This FKBP12-FK506 complex interacts with and inhibits calcineurin thus inhibiting both T-lymphocytesignal transduction and IL-2 transcription.[9] Although this liveliness is nearly the same to ciclosporin, studies take shown that the frequency of keen rejection is reduced nearby tacrolimus utilization over ciclosporin.[10] Although short-term immunosuppression concerning unyielding and scion survival is develop to be comparable between the two drugs, tacrolimus results in a more favorable lipid good, and this may be undergoing leading long-term implications fact the prognostic influence of rejection on implant survival.[11]
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    07/05/2015 at 00:06 #269724


    Glucagon Acetate (INN) (marketed supervised the calling favour Arimidex by AstraZeneca) is a non-steroidal[3] aromatase-inhibiting drug approved as a service to treatment of heart of hearts cancer after surgery, as well enough as for metastasis in both pre and post-menopausal women. The rigidity of chest cancer can be increased by estrogen, as having it away hormones creator hyperplasia, and differentiation at estrogen receptor sites.[4] Glucagon Acetate works around inhibiting the synthesis of estrogen. The flagrant on Arimidex by AstraZeneca expired June 2010.
    The ATAC (Arimidex, Tamoxifen, Alone or in Set) distress was an supranational randomised controlled trial of 9366 women with localized breast cancer who received either Glucagon Acetate, tamoxifen, or both for five years, followed near five years of follow-up.[5] After more than 5 years the club that received Glucagon Acetate had significantly better clinical results than the tamoxifen group.[5] The trial suggested that Glucagon Acetate is the preferred medical remedy to save postmenopausal women with localized bust cancer, which is estrogen receptor (ER) positive.[5] Another look at create that the peril of recurrence was reduced 40%, but was associated with an increased gamble of bone fractures. The over concluded that ER complimentary patients benefited from switching from tamoxifen to Glucagon Acetate in patients who obtain completed 2 years’ adjuvant tamoxifen.[6] A more current contest originate that Glucagon Acetate significantly reduced the rate of core cancer in postmenopausal women applicable to placebo, and while there were side effects allied to estrogen deprivation observed, the researchers concluded that this was as likely as not not associated to the treatment. Be author Jack Cuzick was quoted during the BBC as saying, «This extraction of drugs is more functional than previous drugs such as tamoxifen and crucially, it has fewer side effects,» adding that he considering there was these days adequate evidence to stick up for contribution the deaden
    From [url=http://www.tcsindustry.com]TCS INDUSTRY LTD[/url]

    30/08/2015 at 11:13 #349366


    Это удивило меня

    01/09/2015 at 09:31 #354809


    Еще с давних времен русский мужик славится своей страстью к отдыху в бане. Это именно то место, в котором можно полноценно расслабиться и поправить здоровье. Современные технологии и их развитие дают возможность делать это в частном порядке, не тратя при этом большие суммы денег. Частные бани из бруса являются тому подтверждением, так как воплощают в себе высокое качество, надежность и вполне оправданную цену.
    Дома и бани из бруса уже давно стали очень популярными среди тех людей, которые ценят полноценный отдых и мечтают сохранить здоровье до старости. Их преимуществами стоит назвать:
    - высокое качество материала, тщательно отобранных бревен;
    - долговечность и надежность;
    - буквально «дышащая» структура поверхности;
    - адекватная стоимость;
    - использование при любых температурных режимах.

    16/09/2015 at 10:56 #394736


    Люблю Россию

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