EN 590 Diesel Gas Oil -->

EN 590 Diesel Gas Oil

Techlliance Ltd is a reliable supplier of oil-products and we offer the following commodity of EN 590 (Low Sulphur diesel Gas Oil) under terms and conditions as specified hereunder:
Commodity: EN 590 (Low Sulphur Diesel Gas Oil)
Country of Origin: Iran/Bahrain/ Malaysia
Quantity: min 25 000 MT/Month
Product Price: Platts FOB Rotterdam (less discount)
Commissions: are paid by the Buyer (50% of the discount amount)
Contract duration: One year Contract renewable/extendable
Payment terms: DLC/MT700, SBLC/BG/MT760,MT 103, TT and equivalent or mutual understand as per Seller’s choice.
South Korean standers export specification with lower sulfar %

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