дизтопливо цена, куплю дизтопливо, мазут м 100 цена, куплю мазут м 100

D2, JP54, D6, M100/75 FOB Rotterdam

satoil_ggggggProcedure for Contracts  Bank to bank Procedure 

Buyer issues ICPO.
Seller issues FCO to Buyer.
Buyer signs and returns FCO to Seller.
Seller issues draft contract to Buyer.
Buyer return countersigned contract to Seller.
Seller and Buyer exchange approved copy contract electronical y and lodge contract with their respective banks.
Buyers bank issues POF by MT799, SBLC or DLC to seller’s bank.
Seller issues: CI (Commercial Invoice), DTA (Dip test Authorization) and Q‐Q (Quality and Quantity) report (loading information, pipeline, tanks ..) for the first lift.
Buyer Dip Test and issues MT103/TT for the immediately lift able lot, and Non‐operative RDLC, as payment guarantee for the subsequent lifts.
Seller sends full pop and 2% performance bond to the buyers’ bank to bank, RDLC becomes operative.
Shipment commences as per contract

About the seller:

The seller’s Company is based in London. It’s not a refinery.
The owner is Russian. Represented by his mandate.
As you know, in Oil, we work generally with allocations available for a delimited time period and a price for this allocation.
The seller has agreements with the main actors in Russia (Gasprom, LukoiL… ) and some other refineries.
They aggregate allocations as well, from other title holders who have not the capacity to make the marketing, and sell their own allocation directly.
Very often the contract is issued between “The seller” in JV (joint venture) with the “Title holder”, and the “Buyer”.
The proof of funds will be done directly from the buyer’s bank to the Title Holder’s bank (via secure swift banking network).
Banks of the seller are well known international Banks.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Purchase requisitions sent to: info@satoil.kz
phone: +77073932888

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