Registered in the UK No 0C
84 High Street, Broadstairs Kent XXXX
United Kingdom Tel: +44 1843 XXXX

A. Lessee/Client/Receiver submits to Provider/Lessor/Sender the DOA with full Banking
Coordinates, Corporate Profile, Client Information Sheet (CIS), Non-Solicitation Letter,
Board of Directors’ Resolution, Master Fee Protection Agreement, a clear large color copy
of the passport of the Lessee Signatory’s, company registration certificate and Proof of
B. Within Three (3) banking days after both parties have signed the Deed Of Agreement, the
Lessor/Provider bank will proceed to reserve the Instrument on Euro-Clear DTC screen
shots. Copy of the reservation with ISIN and CUSIP numbers will be provided and
forwarded to Lessee/Buyer for verification and authentication.
C. Within Two (2) days after Lessee has successfully verified the DTC reservation, Lessor
Issues invoice and Refund Undertaking letter to Receiver/Lessee to pay for Refundable
Security Deposit charge fee to send BG/SBLC Swift MT799/ 760.
D. Within 2 banking days after Lessee’s has received the Invoice, Lessee pays Refundable
Security Deposit as described, applicable and scheduled in \\\\»Annexure A” to an account to
be nominated by the Provider or Lessor by unconditional swift MT103 .A copy of the wire
slip would be sent to the Lessor for confirmation.
E. Within three (03) banking days after confirmation of the wire transfer in Lessor’s Nominated
receiver bank, Lessor’s Bank will issue Swift MT799 pre-advice cash backed to Lessee’s
bank (bank to bank). Courtesy copy of the swift will be sent to the lessee for confirmation
with his bank.
F. Within 24 hours of receipt of the Swift MT799 by the Lessee’s Bank, the Lessee’s Bank will
Issue MT799 pre-advice to confirm receiving Bank readiness (RWA) to receive the
BG/SBLC via MT760. On receipt of RWA MT 799 from receiving bank, Lessor Bank delivers
BG/SBLC via MT 760 to Lessee’s receiving bank coordinates. Coutesy copy of the swift
MT760 shall be sent to the Buyer via email for confirmation with his bank.
G. The Receiving Bank receives, verify and authenticate the MT 760 BG/SBLC and releases to
the Provider buying cost of 40% and commission of 2% or leasing fee of 6% and
commission of 2% via MT 103 within 5-7 banking Days as per IMFPA.
H. Within Seven (07) banking days after receiving all fees; Hard copy will be sent to
Receiver/Buyer bank by bank-bonded courier.
“Annexure A”
BG/SBLC Face Value (USD/EURO) Security Deposit Fees
1M — 10M 85,000.00
11M — 20M 105,000.00
21M — 50M 125,000.00
51M — 100M 150,000.00
101M — 200M 210,000.00
201M and above 320,000.00

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