BLCO (Bonny Light Crude Oil), LNG, LPG.

BLCO (Bonny Light Crude Oil), LNG, LPG.

We are direct to sellers NNPC, can offer BLCO. We can offer both SPOT contracts (4-5 spot in the week, with prior approval of the resource, marine traffic and NOR after SPA verifcation), and long-term. 10/8 contract, 12 month 16/10 contract.

Currently 4 vessel, 4 million barrels SPOT contract can immediately start without delay and move tankers. Price: 12/7, 1mbbl TTO Tenerife, 10/8, 1mbbl TTO Tenerife, 10/6 CIF ASWP 2 mbbl.
Possible procedures with SPOT&CIF, Tenerife/China Main Port/Sri Lanka/Rotterdam: MT999-PB2%- SBLC/BG/PG/BLOCKED FONDS Letter or MT799- PB2%- IRDLC

The contract may be 10 million barrels / month, 12 months.

Also we can offer LNG,LPG CIF ASWP

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