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Ethylene, Propylene, Raffinate, Pyrolysis Gasoline, Tetra-Carbon Compounds

logo555sat Ethylene, Propylene, Raffinate, Pyrolysis Gasoline, Tetra Carbon CompoundsSatoil Limited                                                                     Oil & Gas Investments

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 In The Name of God


Olefin Products

Product NameProduction Capacity
pyrolysis Gasoline920,000
Tetra-Carbon Compounds645,000

Grade/Product Name: C4 cut

%wt45.11, 3-Butadiene
%wt2.58Trans 2-Butene

Grade/Product Name: Ethylene

ppm Vol1Acetylene
ppm Vol0.1Carbon dioxide
ppm Vol0.03Carbon monoxide
ppm Vol0.02COS
ppm Vol5Hydrogen
ppm Vol0.3Mercaptans
ppm Vol500Methane+Ethane
ppm Vol0.5Methanol
ppm Vol0.1Oxygen
ppm Vol0.5Oxygenated Compounds
ppm Vol10Total C3 & Higher
ppm Vol0.2Total combined Nitrogen
ppm Vol1Total combined Sulphur
ppm Vol0.1Water

Grade/Product Name: Hydrogen

ppm Vol max1C2H4
Vol % max0.01CH4+N2
ppm Vol max1CO+CO2
Vol %99.99H2

satoil Polipropilen Ethylene, Propylene, Raffinate, Pyrolysis Gasoline, Tetra Carbon Compounds


Grade/Product Name: Propylene

ppm Vol1Acetylene
ppm wt1Ammonia
ppm Vol0.01Arsine
ppm Vol10Butadiene
ppm Vol10Butane-Pentanes
ppm Vol1Butenes
ppm Vol1C6-C12 Hydrocarbons
ppm Vol2Carbon dioxide
ppm Vol0.03Carbon monoxide
ppm Vol0.02COS
ppm Vol0.05Cyclopentadiene
ppm Vol20Ethane
ppm Vol1Ethylene
ppm Vol5Hydrogen
ppm Vol5Isopropanol
ppm Vol5Methanol
ppm Vol1Methyl - Acetylene
ppm Vol20Non condesables
ppm Vol2Oxygen
ppm Vol1Pentenes
ppm Vol0.01Phosphine
ppm Vol1Propadiene
Vol %0.2Propane
Vol %99.8Propylene
ppm wt1Total Sulphur
ppm wt2Water

Grade/Product Name: Paralysis gasoline

%wt3.351,2- Pentadiene
%wt0.141,3 -Butadiene
%wt0.08Cis 2 -Butene
%wt0.05Tr 2 -Butene


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Минимальная партия заказа 100  тонн. 

skype: amanzhan-kz


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2 комментария: Ethylene, Propylene, Raffinate, Pyrolysis Gasoline, Tetra-Carbon Compounds

  1. Steve Pang говорит:

    Dear Satoil,

    Our Company has demands on C4, please your company send us FCO and C4 Specification to have more details.

    Hope to have your reply ASAP!

    Best Regards,
    Steve Pang


  2. hirad говорит:

    Product Di ammonium Phosphate (DAP)
    Specification 18-21% nitrogen and 46-53% P2O5.
    Origin Any.
    Quantity Quantity 50 000 MT X 12 months.
    Format Bulk
    Delivery CIF Vizhag port and Kandla port, India.
    Payment Letter of Credit (irrevocable, transferable and payable at sight), Documentary collection (endorsed bank draft).
    Price ????$ USD/MT.
    Total amount ???000 000 $ USD/months.

    We have a sourcing mandate from a Buyer which is an established refinery in PRC to buy C4 Raffinate as per the specifications and brief terms and condition as indicated below .
    A. Our order requirement for C4 Raffinate:- All derivatives of Raffinate are acceptable.
    1. Specifications — Same or similar as attached herewith.
    2. Quantity required — 44k to 88k per month minimum.
    3. Shipping — On buyer owned vessels.
    4. Term of Contract proposed — 5 — Years minimum
    5. Terms of Purchase — Letter of Credit — 100 % Sight Irrevocable
    issued by a 1st Class Bank
    6. Buyer — Established Refinery in china
    B. Details required from the Supplier:-
    1. Specifications of the Goods Offered for Sale.
    2. Quantity of the Goods — Proof of Goods available for delivery.
    3. Full Set of Terms & Conditions from the Supplier.
    4. Copy of the Mandate — If the Supplier is having the exclusive mandate for sale.
    Once you confirm the availability of the product meeting the required specifications with details of the price, We shall provide you a copy of the mandate issued by the buyer for the sourcing and purchase of C4 Raffinate product/s. Subsequently the full set of the documents of contract will be exchanged for formalising the deal which will be signed between the parties namely the Buyers/ Their authorised legal representatives and the seller.



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